• Reinforced mesh and wire Reinforced mesh and wire
  • Hollow section Hollow section

    Here you will find detailed information on sizes and prices of hollow profiles.

  • Reinforced mesh Reinforced mesh
  • Sheets metal Sheets metal

    Here you can find prices and sizes of the following products: Blackcold rolled steel, hot rolled black steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel sheet, LT, galvanized corrugated sheets, reef, drawn sheet

Welcome to our website - Deliivanovi Ltd

Company Deliivanovi  Ltd. is a Bulgarian company operating on the Bulgarian market for trade in ferrous metals. We are specialized in the production of ferrous metal and transportation services.

Our team provides full service technical consulting to the supply of the following items: galvanized tubes, black gaz and water tubes, cold rolled sheets, hot rolled sheets, flat bars, seamless tubes, hollow section, angle, black circle, u - profiles cold bent, round bars, pez - ornaments, Ръкохватка гъба, plastic pipes, iron pipes, calibrated iron, square bars, concrete iron, wire rod, black tubes, thin black pipes, handle profile, galvanized steel sheet, lТ galvanized steel sheet, galvanized corrugated steel, rib, steel sheet, u-profiles gost i upn, parallel flange beams, double parallel flange beams, reinforcement wire mesh, seth, galvanized and pvc fence net, black wire reinforcement, galvanized wire, black and galvanized mesh, window profile zp, so angle, galvanized gaz and water tubes, grounding pole and flat bars, studs, planki, reinforcement preform, black gaz and water tubes, galvanized panels, galvanized profiles, galvanized fence panels with pvc, columns galvanneal pvc and connectors, electrodes .

Services we deliver are high quality and always aim to satisfy our customers.

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